Concept Design

We want to design a unique flat seat to make a straight line on your Triumph that narrower and slimmer than stock seat. We cut out a side part of seat to following a frame for absolute slick look. Rambler seat come with two stitching option.

-Full-Rib tuck&roll : Classic Tuck & roll stitching all of the seat.

-Tuck & Roll stitch : Classic Tuck & roll stitching on the top combine with plain side

-Diamond stitch : Diamond stitching on the top combine with plain side


Select a kind of stitching that match with your style.



-High-Density Foam,

-Light weight Fiberglass seat pan,

-Lock system made from stainless steel

*We use high density foam cushion with intention to make a salient stitching in our seat production.

Leather Colour

We have 4 colour options.


-Dark brown



Fit with Triumph

-Bonneville T120, T100 (Liquid Cool)

-Street Twin

-Street Cup

-Street Scrambler (the lock has to be moved to the back of the sub frame.)


Length: 71cm

Width: 28cm

Height: 10.5cm


– Our seats are ready to bolt on without any adaptation (except Street scrambler)

– Every seat come with waterproof seat cover.

– Our handcrafted seat take 10-15 days of manufacturing.

– Exclude your customs tax.

Additional information

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