headlight bracket 'arch'


We drew inspiration from a vintage folk cover headlight bracket, featuring a distinctive curve and lean, and modernized its design by shortening it. The revised bracket appears more compact and agile, with added details creating a new dimension, transforming it into more than just a mere part but a piece of “ART” on your motorcycle.


The outer edge of the part is rounded to emphasize a delicate, flowing mood, while the lower side

features edged squares to maintain a strong sense of rigidity and balance, avoiding excessive gentleness in the curves. 

Hence, its name “Arch,” symbolizing curvature and also invoking “Architecture,” the art and science of design and creation. Our aim is to craft a true piece of art for you and your motorcycle.

We’ve utilized stainless steel round head bolts to add further dimensions to our work compared to flat head bolts. Each hole includes a shoulder that accommodates the size of the stainless steel nut, concealing it within the work piece. As a result, no matter the angle or viewpoint of the bike, there’s no excess to disrupt the shape and surface of the work piece.

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